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The Property Experts in Kansas City

Family Owned 

The qualified and experienced people at Wiseman Investment Properties LLC know that real estate isn’t just about prices; it’s also about relationships. We match our clients from all over the U.S with properties that fit their lifestyle and budget. We work with sellers, buyers, renters, MTR, STR, Airbnbs, VRBOs, and more - including in state and out of state!


We understand that buying, selling or renting a home isn’t just a business transaction, it’s a whole new beginning. That’s why we offer an extensive array of services, as well as the human touch, making the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Contact us to get started today.

Suburb Houses

Our Services

  • Source Properties  (on & off market)

  • Complete Remodeling

  • Manage Rehabs

  • Place Tenants

  • Property Management 

  • Residential, AirBnB, VRBO, midterm rentals, and more

  • Out of State and In State




& Accountable

Out of State Investors 

Kansas City is growing! If you are out of state but want to invest, let us take care of all your needs here!

We are happy to work with your out of state investors!

We know it is hard for out of state investors to find a trustworthy General Contractor who can complete your project on time and within budget. Especially with you hundreds or thousands of miles away. 

If you are an out of state investor or a real estate agent with out of state investors, we would love to help!

Recent Projects

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